Frequently Asked Questions

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RCL Cruises’ Summer of Consultant Rewards is a travel consultant incentive that has been specifically designed to reward you for your sales of Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises. The incentive enables you to earn points on every new fully-deposited cruise booking you make across the three brands, which can then be redeemed for catalogue rewards. Every booking made throughout the campaign period earns points, regardless of the length of the cruise or sailing date. Please refer to the tiered point values below to be awarded based on the brand and stateroom category of your booking. Once you are rewarded your points, you can start to redeem these for catalogue items before 30 April 2019.


Reward Rate Schedule

Royal Caribbean Cruises Celebrity Cruises Azamara Club Cruises

Suites = 5000 Points

Suites = 10000 Points

Concierge and AquaClass® = 8000 Points

Suites = 20000 Points

Balcony = 2000 Points)

Balcony room = 5000 Points

Balcony room = 10000 Points

Interior/Oceanview = 1000 Points

Interior/Oceanview = 2000 Points

Interior/Oceanview = 5000 Points

In addition to earning with every new booking your make, you have the chance to WIN one of three incredible cruise prizes! Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises is awarding a 2019 cruise prize to the consultant who achieves the highest number of FIT bookings during the Summer of Consultant Rewards incentive period. Winners will be announced at the end of the incentive period. Please visit the Terms & Conditions for more information on the cruise prizes.

All Australia and New Zealand registered retail travel consultants aged 18 years + are eligible to enrol.

Wholesale consultants are not eligible to participate in this incentive.

Visit and select “Join Now” to enrol in the Summer of Consultant Rewards incentive. Make certain to use your agency telephone number and your preferred work email address for correspondence, so we can send you a link to activate your Summer of Consultant Rewards account. Please note, only approved Travel Agencies who are registered to do business with Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Cruises can participate in this promotion.

Your company needs to go through the New Agency Registration process in order to be set up to book Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises or Azamara Club Cruises. For more information on the agency registration process or to start your registration now, please click here. If you have already submitted your registration documentation and it’s been at least 7 working days, please email: to find out your status.

To claim your booking, you are required to enter the agency telephone number associated with your agency set-up in the RCL Cruises agency database. This will most likely be your store telephone number. If you cannot identify your registered agency phone number, please contact to verify.

Once you have enrolled into RCL Cruises’ Summer of Consultant Rewards incentive, you are eligible to earn points with every new fully-deposited Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises booking you make.

From the Summer of Consultant Rewards Home page, select the ‘My Bookings’ tab where you will be able to enter your Booking ID(s). The system will search for the booking ID(s) entered and allow you to “claim” your eligible booking(s). Bookings will be available for claiming for up to 30 days after the fully-deposited booking date, from 11 December 2018. Once a booking is claimed, your Summer of Rewards Account will automatically update with the relevant points, at which point they will be available for you to redeem through the rewards catalogue.


Bookings are uploaded onto the Summer of Rewards website at the beginning of each week for the previous weeks’ bookings, running between the Saturday to Friday period.

Summer of Consultant Rewards incentive members must claim their respective bookings within 30 days of making the new fully-deposited booking. No exceptions will be made.

“Redeemable Points” are points that are available for you to spend immediately, providing you have enough “Redeemable Points” to exchange for a reward listed in the catalogue.

If you have claimed points on a booking and the booking subsequently cancels, the points will be automatically adjusted and removed from your account. This might leave you in a negative balance until your next booking on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises is claimed.

Yes, all promotional and affinity group bookings that are fully-deposited within the incentive period are eligible to register to earn points.

All promotional and affinity group bookings are eligible to claim in the Summer of Consultant Rewards incentive. Incentive groups including corporate meetings, charters and event groups are not eligible.

Go to the “REWARDS” page on for information on the rewards catalogue.  

All giftcards/eVouchers redeemed on the Summer of Consultant Rewards Incentive website will be processed within 28 days of placing the order.  This processing time is applicable for both Australia and New Zealand orders. If you have any queries relating to your redemption order, please use the Contact Us form at  

No, points are awarded to each enrolled consultant participant on an individual basis. If your booking has already been claimed within your Travel Agency, please contact your Owner/Manager for a final decision on who can claim that booking within the Summer of Consultant Rewards incentive. The decision maker can send an email to the Helpdesk Team using the Contact Us page on with confirmation of the agent and details of the record including Booking ID.

Yes, all points not redeemed by the 30th April 2019 will expire.

You can view your “Account Summary” at any time once you are logged into the Summer of Consultant Rewards incentive website.  You will see a summary of how many points you have accumulated, how many points you have to redeem on rewards, how many points you have that are Pending/Redeemable and more. You can also keep a track of rewards that you have already redeemed in your “Redemptions Summary”.

If you move to another travel agency, please let our Helpdesk Team know by using the Contact Us option on and emailing us your previous agency phone number and your new agency phone number and contact details. We will update your profile on the database enabling you to view and claim the bookings that you are making at your new travel agency in order to continue earning points.

“Redeemable Points” that you have earned on your bookings are individually owned by you. Earned points are points that have a “Redeemable” status, so if you move to another travel agency, you will be able to take your “Redeemable Points” with you. Once we have changed your contact details on your profile, we will transfer your “Redeemable Points” over to your new account. Any “Pending Points” on your old account will be forfeited.


Please contact our Helpdesk Team by using the Contact Us form on to let us know you have moved travel agencies so we can ensure your “Redeemable Points” balance is moved across to your new account. Please remember that in order for us to create a new Summer of Consultant Rewards Account for you, your new travel agency must be registered on RCL Cruises agency database.

RCL Cruises’ Summer of Consultant Rewards incentive is designed to reward retail travel agents. If an eligible booking is made through a wholesale partner, please supply the relevant retail travel consultant with the Booking ID to claim.

Please use the Contact Us form, selecting the correct subject category to allow us to respond to your query effectively. Please allow 48 hours for our team to reply to you.